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Save up to 50 % of your frying oil costs with VITO®

Save up to 50 % of your frying oil costs with VITO®
  • reduced oil consumption 
  • less oil changes
  • lower cleaning effort
  • lower storage costs
  • up to 50% savings
  • VITO® gives you fast return of your investment
  • VITO® reduces the oil consumption by removing the carbonized particles, micro particles and suspended sediments

This can double the lifetime of your frying medium

VITO® prolongs the lifetime of frying oil!

VITO® prolongs the lifetime of frying oil!

Depending on the the fried goods, e.g. potatoes, meat or fish, the oil is stressed differently.

Generally, the basic rules of frying should be considered.

An expertise by Prof. Dr. Wurster, Labor Biotechnik-Umwelttechnik, Konstanz (laboratory for bio- and environmental engineering) dated May 18, 2005 proves:

The use of VITO®:

  • affects critical parameters positively, like Polar Compounds (TPC), Acids and the accumulation of Acrylamids and Polymere Triglyceride.
  • achieves even better results outside than shown under laboratory conditions.
  • effects a significantly longer lifetime of the frying medium.

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